Monday, April 24, 2017

H2H 2017 Check-In

Wow does life get busy sometimes. I thought that after my last child went off to college that I would have lots of time. Well between taking my own college classes, babysitting my granddaughters, and my parents moving in, I have not had too many quiet moments. 

I decided to join H2H this year again over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict. I love this group. I love how Sarah get all of the members together and helps to what we love best, to make and give away quilts. I am also very busy in a lot of other quilt projects. But this adventure hold a special place in my heart. Below is one of the quilt tops I have made. 

 I am also very busy with a lot of other quilt projects. I will show some of them later. For now, know that this community has not been very far from my thoughts and I miss being here.


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Getting Closer to Being Finished!!

I have done a lot of work on my daughters wedding quilt. I almost have it done. I need to make borders and then quilt it. This one will not wait until this summer to be quilted. I will want this one on its way to her and her new husband as soon as can be. I am excited to have this one finished. I love this pattern, and I will do one again, but for now I want it out of my hair. HA HA!! 

Here are the fabrics I started off with.

This is me using a nifty little tool that someone from another group sent to me. I did not think I would use it, but it has become invaluable to me during this process. I know I will use it again with other curved piecing. 

Some of the hundreds of tiny seams all being sewn together.

One set of arches sewn onto the melons.

I had to draw dots on all of the points to help in knowing were to stop sewing. I started doing them one at a time, it did not take me long to move to this kind of "dot making."

These are all of my pieces ready to be put into a quilt.

All nine rows sewn together, stacked and waiting to be made into a quilt. 

WOW!! The top is done. I have not, at this point, sewn the points of the arches together. Again, big husband in the back. 

This is where I am at now. I have all of the points sewn together. I will start working on the border next. She does not want the scallops. Darn her! HA HA!! I have an idea of how to do the border. Well I am off to figure it out. 


Monday, February 13, 2017

My En Provence!!

I am done with my top. I love this quilt. I loved following Bonnie Hunter as she put these clues out one at a time. I loved not knowing what it was going to look like. I loved working hard on repeating many of the same pieces over and over again with no picture in my head of were they were going. I loved the reveal. I love the conversations on her Facebook page. I loved how many people kept the quilt the same, like I did. I like the quilts that were changed. I loved everything about it. I can not wait to do this next year. It will be fantastic. I am linking up with the final link up party for this quilt. I have not quilted it yet, that will happen this summer, when I can get outside to spray baste it. I can't wait to have it on my bed!! Below are pictures of a few steps along the way. 

Fabric is selected with more added as needed.

Making hourglass blocks with hot chocolate.

A few pieces stacked up in little piles.

My first block finished.

All of my sashing pieces finished in a nice stack.

Pièce de résistance!!!
The final top. With of course, my little helper in the front, Chompie, and my big helper in the back, my husband. Love them both and this quilt. Thank you Bonnie Hunter for everything you do. You are a very special person and those that love you, know it!!


Thursday, February 2, 2017

Parma Quilters Anonymous 2017

 The quilt group I run is starting a new year of fun. We will be doing a repeat of something we did a few years back, Mercy Border Quilt. You start of with a block or a piece of fabric, your choosing of style and size. Add this to a box and any fabric you want in your quilt, and every month, this box moves to a new person. The person adds a border of any size and style, using your rules. Then it switches to a new person the next month. Finally at the end of the year you get your quilt back. You are totally at the Mercy of your partners all year long. 

That is how I got this quilt!

We are also doing another year of Copy Cat Block Swap. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

On the Road to Spring

I am trying to get a few thing fixed in all of my records: quilty-things I have finished, quilty-things that need to move to the next step, and quilty-things I want to start. I have a few things I feel need to get done this year, and this is the best place for me to keep it all straight. 

Back in 2012, I started the Fat Quarter Shop's Designer Mystery Block Swap. 
 I made one block and stopped.
Then I started cutting it all up into different usable sizes and sewing them together. 
I used On the Road to Spring Quilt Along to make my own quilt with the fabric I had bought.
I loved it!!
I ended up with a smallish quilt,
and a very nice lap size quilt. 
I hope to get these two quilts finish. I will only count them as one finish. 


Sunday, January 8, 2017

My Word of the Year

One of the things I do every year is pick a word that describes my focus for the new year. It usually comes from noticing certain things from the past year that I want to work on. As I reflect in December how my last year went, I start to pick words that will help me in the next year to feel more confident with my life. 2016 was a great year for me, I completed two semesters of college, getting 14 credits. I babysat my Granddaughter for 3 to 4 day a week almost every week, I completed a few quilts, put on a quilt show for our local town's summer festival, I had my first real cash paying quilting job, just to name a few things. But I lacked a sense of focus, I felt lost, scatter-brained, like I was the last one to know what I was doing. That is why this is my word for 2017!
I need to FOCUS on the thing that is my life. In my life, there are many different parts of my life. Each one is special, each one is important, I need to FOCUS on each of them. 
They each deserve my FOCUS!

Friday, January 6, 2017

A Few New Things

My youngest daughter feel in love while in college. She had meet this young man a few semesters back, but they had a space of time that they were not together. When they go back together, they know it was time.
 They were married on December 31 at the Boise Temple. We are so happy for them!!
 Especially me!! (Me and the bride)
The cute couple at their reception. They are way too sweet together! HA HA
 Other than wedding stuff, that I have been busy with for three weeks, I have been sewing. I have been between semesters at school so I have used every quiet moment sewing. IT HAS BEEN WONDERFUL!! I started cutting and sewing my pieces for the En Provence Mystery Quilt with Bonnie Hunter. I am loving the process but boy are there a lot of pieces!
 Step 1 done
 Step 2 done
I have most of step 3 done, but I need to add more.
 Step 4 done

I also have been busy making pieces for my daughter and son-in-laws wedding quilt. This first picture is all of the 322 arches. WOW! And because I am a number nerd, there are 1932 pieces.
 In this pic, half of the arches have the additional end pieces on. So now there are 2,254 pieces.
 Here, I have added the melons to the shorter arches. so now we are at 2,415
 So finally, I have all of the arches sewn into all of the melons. 
 My first circle!
 Four in a row. This is were I stopped. I will get back to it soon!!

School work started this week so we will see how much time I have to sew, HEE HEE!!


Sunday, December 18, 2016

Where have I been?

Things have been very crazy in my world. I think we need to have a little time of crazy to be able to understand the calm. I have still been doing classes. I love what I am doing, but it sure takes all of my time. I am over half way there. Yippee!! 

I have decided that with the beginning of the new year I am going to find time to quilt. I have missed it so much. I miss being here and I miss all of you. I need this time to refill my batteries. I fill like I have been running on fumes for too long now. So many changes. 

My son and daughter-in-law are going to have their third child soon. I am so excited. I am already watching the other two a few days a week for about 5 hours, no I will have a baby too. I am praying that she does not go back to work. I love watching them but I am done watching kids. I have been doing it for over 26 years. I have raised my three kids and have helped to raise 10 other kids. 

 Other changes! My youngest is getting married. They will be married in the Boise, Idaho LDS Temple. Aren't they cute!! I am so shocked and happy at the same time. SO with that I am working on a reception and a wedding. The this also bring a wedding quilt. And wouldn't you know it, she wants a Double Wedding Ring. One of the most time consuming quilts. HA HA, It is ok I have having fun.
Their colors are Mint, Pale Pink, and Gold. Here are the fabrics. I just finished all of the arches and am 3/4 of the way of the connecting corners. I will be done with that tomorrow and will start adding them to the melons. 

My middle child, my oldest daughter, has a boy friend. They have been dating for a few months. I would not be surprised if their will be another wedding soon. 

I small town near ours have their Christmas lights up. This is just a small sample of the lights. I love it there. It is just so sad that it is so COLD!!

I follow Bonnie Hunter and love all of her quilts. I have made one of her quilts. SO many small pieces, but so much fun. When I started following her on Facebook, I realized she was getting ready to start her mystery quilt, En Provence. So, because I don't have enough to do, I started in with this too. I have steps one and two done. I will be taking some time tomorrow to work on steps three and four. Here are my fabrics!! I love them. 

I will be back very soon, I promise!!!!


Friday, August 12, 2016

A Finished Top~NTT

Over at My Quilt Infatuation, Kelly, has a link-up party every Thursday. I just finished this quilt top so I wanted to join in the fun. 

I am not sure when this Saturday Sampler started, but my first post about this quilt was way back in 2010. Over all these years, I had finished the blocks, but they sat in a box in my closet. Today, after working on the bellow project, I decided I needed to work on something different. After looking at a couple newer UFO's, I decided to work on something old. I broke this out and knew the time had come for me to make the top. Because all the blocks are weird sizes, the top does not come together easily. I had to add a bunch of pieces to make things line up. Now I am happy to show off the the finished top. I hope to soon have this as a finished quilt. I am not sure what I am going to do with this once it is finished, but it will not be a UFO no more!! 

I have been doing a Mystery Quilt in PQA, my quilt group. We have been working on Twinkle2 QAL. I decided to make a queen size quilt. I have figured I need to make 90 blocks. I have been slowly working on these blocks. I have finished 70 blocks so far. I am on the last 20 blocks. It will have dark brown in the flying geese. The next step is to add the sashing and corner stones. After that I will sew it all into a quilt top. I am so excited. This will be my second quilt with this pattern. 

Strips and Four Patch

I have been following the Missouri Start Quilt Company lately. I am really loving there quilts. When I saw a recent news report about how this quilt shop started up, it really hit a soft spot of mine. Go watch it, it is fantastic! It sounds like a life that some of us quilters dream of. Starting a small business of your passion and then it grows into a huge thing that you can't hardly keep up with. It is just a wonderful story. 

Anyways, I found they had an app that I put on my phone, that I can keep up with all of their video's. I think I have watched them all. When I was not able to blog as much for a while, I was buying fabric like if I didn't, I would loss my love of fabric. One day, I decided it was time for me to get back at the machine. I matched a video off of MSTC's (Missouri Start Quilt Company) app and a jelly roll I had bought on one of the Daily Specials and I was off. I did not stop that day until it was almost done! I was so happy to be sewing again. 

The pattern was Strips and Four Patches. A very simple quilt pattern made from a jelly roll of print fabric and a jelly roll of a solid. I just used yardage and cut up my own jelly roll. One of the most frustrating parts of using precuts, is that they are not exact. Here is a picture of my two strips together, the white that I cut, is much smaller than their precut jelly roll. But I made it work!

By the time I was finished, I was in love with this quilt. It is so simple, but fun and colorful!! Here it is in my Quilt Show I put on in July for my community's summer celebration, Old Fort Boise Days. I hope you go give the video and website a look. They are a great business and have some fun things.

I am whooping it up with Sarah over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict:


Sunday, August 7, 2016

Milky Way Quilt

During the time that I have been blogging and quilting, I have been apart of a LQS (Local Quilt Shop) monthly sampler. They call it Saturday Sampler, LOL!! I have only ever finished one of their quilts, that is until this quilt! I had so much fun with the colors that I knew I would finish it. Here are a few of the finished blocks.

As I am working on a quilt, I like to draw a sketch to see what I need to do finish it. I thought I would add my sketch here. Sorry about the shadow, I only ever meant for me to see it, HA HA!!

Now my quilt is a top. I need to finish it and quilt it. I think because this quilt is so busy, I need to just do an all over stipple. I hope to be back soon with it all quilted up.

Linked to Confessions of a Fabric Addict

I am also joining in with Red Letter Quilts' link-up party, OMG, One Monthly Goal. I am listing this quilt as my goal. I would like to have it quilted by the end of August. I don't think that will be too hard for me to do. I can't wait to see it finished. I hope that I have not set myself up for failure. But I won't know until I try! I hope everybody has a good evening.